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Full Version: 2016 RFFG - Week 23 - STANDINGS
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I figured I'd put this up early since it's a SATURDAY NIGHT race this week. This week's race is on SATURDAY 8/20 @ Bristol - 8pm on NBCSN. The cutoff time to make/change picks is Saturday 8/20 at 2pm EDT! I figured I'd give everyone a little more time to make picks due to the week off. Here are the current points standings:

1. dun - 657
2. spaz - 627
3. kev - 617
4. E7B - 604
5. lead - 583
6. kd80 - 552
7. mini - 548
8. rghy - 531
9. csc - 476

I'll go with Johnson, for now.
no brainer for me. kyle
Kyle Busch
Going to take Carl Edwards for now.
Bristol is really a crap shoot, so I probably should just homer it and go with Smoke...

But...I don't think Carl Edwards can sweep the season, so I'll take Kurt Busch...
I'm gonna go with Hamlin
Jeff Gordon

I will go with Logano
Kyle busch

I have no idea who to pick! Jimmie didn't qualify well and hasn't been finishing well lately either. JGR took 4 of the top-5 starting spots, but I really don't like 2 of those drivers. I don't think Edwards will sweep the track this year either. For the last 3 years, Edwards won the spring race and last year and the year before Logano won the night race. I doubt that Joey will keep the trend going and win for a 3rd year in a row. PLUS, there is a decent chance of rain during the race! Gordon runs well here and qualified well, but he doesn't really seem to click with Jr's team. I'm tempted to go long-shot and pick Bayne, but starting 22nd removes most of that temptation.

I'm going with Kyle Busch!
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