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Full Version: My JOSE CANSECO Want List - ALL PICTURED!
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I took the time this week to post pictures of almost every single Canseco card I'm looking for aside from 1/1's, 2016's and other unknown prototypes/proofs/etc. Would you please look at the list below and let me know if you have anything? I'm looking to knock out as many shown below as I can. Thanks! Please email me at if you have anything, as I don't think Beckett is sending me any notifications anymore.

[Image: 1list.jpg]

[Image: 2list.jpg]

[Image: 3list.jpg]

[Image: 4list.jpg]
TTT The Allen & Ginter watch has begun! Phew - I can barely keep up! Flawless, Tribute and now A&G ... keep the leads and cards coming, boys!
I have over 1000 different Canseco cards and I think we talk before. I can send you a list by email if you want. Would be pretty long to post on here.
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