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Full Version: ORG ISSUES
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Is anyone else having ORG issues where cards that were added are now lost in space ? when i click on the collection, it shows empty, but if i search for the card it shows it in the collection!!! WTF... i suspect some of this problem may have occurred because i was entering, editing, and creating collections right around the time the org goes down for maintenance . I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen and if there is a simple fix, like logging out and then back in? have a better day than i am!!! -Joe
I have had issues adding cards to my Org. also. Cards have been added and when I search them in my Org. it shows zero under the traders . I then have to change all cards to one in the trade column. Don't count on Beckett to resolve these duplication issues any time soon. Such a shame that such a useful tool like the Org. has sooooo many hiccups !!!!
I'm steadily trying to download every set and just keep it in a pdf file. Then when a new set huts, I will add it on. That way I am in control of the numbers. For the past week, when I click on the "my wants only*box,I get no cards. But if I search the persons cards by my pc plAyer, I get a ton of hits. The whole system could be so much better, but I think that they, Beckett, are content with mediocracy because there are no or very few, alternatives and none that link directly to trading. No offense, but at least I'm not the only one having issues. Hahaha. -Joe