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Full Version: All of my scans are gone
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I have a total of 408 cards in my registry. Last night I went to upload scans of my latest few and there were no scans in my Brees registry. I figured it was a glitch, so I checked my Frank Thomas registry.

Nothing. I started hitting random registries with only 2-3 cards in them. Nothing, nothing, and nothing.

I have alerted Jeff the mod via e-mail, but everyone else might want to check their scans and comment in this thread to help keep track.
I think they are updating. All 2015 and 16 cards are missing too.
It's a bummer but I have all scans backed up to an external. Plus I might be getting an Epson Perfection scanner in the coming weeks requiring rescans anyway.
so stupid question; are all the scans going to be put back in place when this little error gets corrected?
I wouldn't know for sure but I'd say yes.
All my Registry cards images are still missing.
I doubt they are going to magically re-appear.
I was actually going to ask Beckett if I re-scanned all my cards would this little mishap ever happen again? But I don't even think I want to spend the time/energy scanning all of my registry cards...again.
Same thing here, went to put in a few new ones and no images.
I only had a few images in my Registry but they have yet to return as well. I am glad I didn't have more pics loaded yet. My 2015 and 2016 cards did come back though.
All but one of my scans are back now. Thanks!!!
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