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Full Version: Panini NBA Finals packs now available
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FYI, there wasn't much press about these packs this year, however the NBA Finals bonus packs are now available on Panini's online store. They changed the format so you have to buy bundles of boxes (though a few single boxes are available) to get the bonus packs. The checklist of autographs available looks interesting though. I ended up buying 2 bundles to get 5 total bonus packs. I am keeping my fingers crossed to pull the Malone and/or Stockton 1/1 auto. I was wondering if anyone else on here bought any.
I haven't, but that is only because I won't jump through hoops for cards. I just trade for them from people that did.
I grabbed a bundle for 2 packs. Trying for the Malone as well. I got a Curry 25/25 auto two years ago. Man I still wish I had that card. Sold it way to cheap.
Quick update, got a Nance Jr. Material Auto /25 and Aaron Gordon auton /10
I still haven't seen a Karl Malone auto pulled from these packs yet, so I was hoping you got one.
I got a Oubre auto /5, Isiah Thomas auto /5, Myles Turner Patch auto /10, Stanley Johnson Patch auto /10, and a Jerry West auto 1/1. I am open to trading the West for a Michael Jordan auto if anyone is interested.