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Full Version: National Collector convention in Atlantic City
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Wondering if any of you were planning on attending the national convention in Atlantic city this year in August. I'm only an hour and a half away, but plan on staying in AC. If anyone is going and wants to stay in the city, we could split the room and save a bit of cash for spending. Depending on how much hockey is there, I will be spending a couple days. If anyone is interested, either get me on here,, on Facebook or send me a direct email at If anyone has gone to this specific convention in the past, could you share some info about it so that I know what to expect? I have been told that it is not very hockey friendly and by the guest lineup, that seems to be true. I would still like to hear from someone who had attended to get a better idea. Anyone that wants info on it, leave me a message and I will post a link to the information I received from them. As always, looking for Gaudreau, Godtisbehere, and now Tarasenko, as well. For those taking a break during the summer months, have a happy, healthy and eventful summer and we will see you all at the end of August for pre-season madness!!! -Joe
They are correct it is not a lot of hockey. The last show there I think was 2007. Not sure but was the last time I was there. If you compare it to the show in Baltimore there will be dealers that have hockey. It is more a Vintage Baseball show than anything else. It is worth the attendance but do not be hoping for massive hockey cards. I know of 2 dealers who do a lot of hockey that are going. It is only a 40 minute drive right down the AC Expressway for me. I will not be staying overnight. If you like gambling there are a few nice Casinos. Other than that there is not anything else to do.
Thanks for the input. I have spoken to quite a few people and I am lucky I did. I was going to purchase a vip ticket and stay in ac for the weekend. But after hearing everyone's opinion, that's not happening. I'm very familiar with ac. I used to live off of the expressway, up near where it begins and I worked for a PD that was in that area, as well. Even though I'm in Delaware, I'm almost 4 hours from Baltimore. The only way I could go to that would be making it a family trip and I'm not sure I want my wife and kids without me in the city. I guess I'll just take the ferry across and drive up and back to the show in August. It sucks for us hockey traders that aren't in Canada or up along the northern border of the US, because there isn't a while lot of hockey interest at most shops here. I think that there are only 4 or 5 LCS in all of Delaware and 2 of them are within a half hour of me in southern Delaware. I may even bag the trip and have an eBay binge buy instead of going. If I figure out what the total cost of the convention is, I'm sure I would have a few hundred to spend. And since it would be spent anyway, selling the idea to the wife would be pretty easy, I think. I'll get her a spa day and I'm sure I can work it out. Hahaha. Lots of good stuff on eBay lately and I've picked some stuff up for a steal recently. Love trading, but love catching great deals more!! For those in the US, have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. Summer is here, which means that training camp is right around the corner. Since all of my teams have been eliminated, I'll just watch the highlights on NHL center ice and catch the deciding game(s) when it comes time. Take care, all. -Joe