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Full Version: Best 90s basketball boxes??
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I started the bulk of my card collecting around the mid to late 90s, and mostly bought basketball. In the past few years I've been shocked at how much some of the inserts and parallel cards from that era are selling for. I kept most of my cards from back then, have some decent stuff...never pulled anything super rare, but most of all those cards have somewhat of a sentimental value to me.
I was just curious what the best bet would be for boxes to buy from that era. I understand the high-end ones go for a lot, such as E-X 2001 and Metal Universe, but I'm looking for something somewhat affordable (under $150) with decent inserts and parallels, and also from the Jordan era (98-99 or earlier).

Tough to go wrong with really any Finest product (though 96-97 will run you over that due to the RCs).

SPx from 96 or 97 is a great product, as are some of the 98-99 Upper Deck "expanding brand" products (Ionix, black diamond, encore) for a chance at numbered MJs at least.

I love 90s boxes too- just broke half a box of 95-96 skybox e-xl just 'cause my low-ball bid won them on ebay haha. Good luck!
I also like the Bowman's Best boxes and you can get 1997-98 for a really decent price!
(05-20-2016, 10:45 PM)bryandwells1 Wrote: [ -> ]I also like the Bowman's Best boxes and you can get 1997-98 for a really decent price!
agree- though I used to get them for $55 a box when I got back into collecting a few years ago- lucky to get one under $85 now Sad
There are plenty of great brands and years to chose from, the hard part is finding boxes from someone you can trust and finding them at decent prices. Always try to carefully check the cellophane wrapper before buying (or before opening, if you buy online) to make sure it hasn't been carefully cut and resealed. I've heard of people buying cases and opening up packs until they get the case hit and then putting the remaining packs back into boxes. In some boxes the best hits were always in the same location (i.e. 3rd pack down on the top left), so if someone knows this they could buy a case get all the hits and then repackage the remaining packs. I would never buy an unsealed box for this reason.
That being said, opening late 90s basketball wax can be a lot of fun. Anything from 96-97, 97-98, and 98-99 is great due to the rookies and variety of great inserts, also some 95-96 boxes are fun like Finest and E-XL.