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Full Version: 1968 Topps #58 Ed Mathews card error or variation?
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As seen in the photos the card has weird colors almost uniformly across the whole card, the back of the card seems normal. I dont know if this is simply a bad print or a known error/variation.

1968 Topps #58 Ed Mathews

[Image: m6TdP1s.jpg]

[Image: Vxc3aLK.jpg?1]
As a former pressman for 19 years, it sure looks to me like the yellow on the front is way out of register. This would cause the colors to look funny, because normally, there are 4 colors used to create the color picture. If 1 (or more) are out of register, the colors would look funny. Still my opinion of course. If it is printing out of register, no way will there be extra value added to the card. I think Topps quality control let it go by, but to be honest, the printing business between 1968 and now has been full of technological improvements.

I took another look at the front and it looks to me that the blue ink is off register to the right. Really nothing to get your hopes up for an error version.
Thanks, very informative! I just noticed from the pictures the "e" in Milwaukee in the 1962 line on the back is cut off.
As for the original's a printing flaw as pointed out and doesn't add any value, and actually decreases value.
Looking at the stats on the back I think a cool bit of info is that Eddie played for the Braves in all three cities.