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Full Version: 2015 Topps Dr Who
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My other half recently purchased two boxes of Topps Dr Who from Dave and Adams. The new 2016 product is out shortly so they had discounted each box to around $60.

[Image: Dr%20Who%20Topps%202015_zpsz8ke3ejh.jpg]

Not entirely sure about the Tardis fabric patch cards. Surely they could have come up with pieces of actual Tardis?!

Red/Ruby # /50

Also 5 cards # /99 (silvery purple) and 9 cards # /199 (blue) over the two boxes. An example of these is shown below. . .

[Image: Dr%20Who%202_zpsgf94xx3l.jpg]
Nice hits
The Sparrow's relic is the nicest hit after my idea.
Congratulations for your picks
The Tenth Doctor Relic is sweet!