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Full Version: 2003-04 Fleer Tradition Insert Set
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Was going through a couple of boxes of my collection. Thought I'd have some fun and showcase an early insert set from 2003-04 Fleer Tradition. This is a 20 card set of the first twenty 2003 Draft Picks. Nothing too flashy, but a very nice set. I've include scans of the front and reverse of all the cards for you to read. Do you remember? Enjoy

[Image: P1010027a_zpsrjtbmnxv.jpg]

[Image: img%202015%20kobe001_zpshw3hlkkr.jpg][Image: img%202015%20kobe003_zpsluhdjp10.jpg]
[Image: img%202015%20kobe005_zpsy8ptrchy.jpg][Image: img%202015%20kobe007_zpshply7dia.jpg]
[Image: img%202015%20kobe009_zpsipg7ioqk.jpg]

[Image: img%202015%20kobe002_zpsdcjaqykb.jpg][Image: img%202015%20kobe004_zpswy2sakcq.jpg]
[Image: img%202015%20kobe006_zps5rpm30lm.jpg][Image: img%202015%20kobe008_zpszecx3aqv.jpg]
[Image: img%202015%20kobe010_zpshtf8j4ox.jpg]
[Image: P1010029a_zpsjbhn4jw5.jpg]

Very cool set!
Hard to believe that product is 13 years old. Time flies when you're having fun! Congrats. on completing the insert set. Great design.