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Full Version: 2013 Ufc Finest
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After almost a three year wait my Redemption for 2013 Finest Grill Gear Relic Mystery Fighter came in today. Here it is:

[Image: img487_zpsucauzq9n.jpg]
2013 Finest UFC Grill Gear Relics #GGF2 Mystery Fighter 2 EXCH 1/1

Also Have this low numbered Dual Auto Relic available:

[Image: img358_zps66bbd2a3.jpg]
2013 Finest UFC Dual Autograph Fighter Relic Booklets #FDARJL Ryan Jimmo/ Duane Ludwig 07/10

Here is my bucketlink for my MMA Autos, Relics, and S/N'd cards:

Also have a bunch of base and inserts available, mostly older release. Let me know if interested in anything. Thank you.

Sweet card.
The Matt Brown Grill Gear is sold, thank you.

How is looking of Ryan Zimmo...Very dang.