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Full Version: Kobe No Patch Zone
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Time flies, seems like yesterday I was chasing his rookie cards. Nothing fancy, just plain old rookie cards. I liked his game. Now he's retired....unbelievable!

Kobe High school
[Image: img20201520kobe136_zpstck4jri7.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe138_zpszvt38fg6.jpg]

Rookie cards
[Image: img20201520kobe140_zpskfgoyerc.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe142_zpselosjz4g.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe144_zps9pngezmp.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe146_zpsi27eenvm.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe148_zps9gqe2amv.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe150_zpsrgctlxnv.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe152_zpsuwgoubax.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe154_zpssg0gdzyy.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe168_zpsv1aqipz3.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe166_zps4inzcwpn.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe170_zpss5gxbmxc.jpg]

My first Kobe Autograph
[Image: img20201520kobe174_zpsvnga8mwf.jpg]

A couple of my favorite early autographs
[Image: img20201520kobe176_zpsqfhoemxd.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe178_zpslamj5ysx.jpg]

A few simple pretty base cards
[Image: img20201520kobe158_zpss6hji2bu.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe160_zpssdau4ctg.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe162_zps0kze21nr.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe172_zps4nuodlts.jpg]

A young champion; 2000, 2001, 2002 with Shaq
[Image: img20201520kobe164_zpswtxtm00p.jpg]

I attended the 2/2/09, NY knicks vs LA Lakers game played at Madison Square Garden. Kobe Bryant scored 61 pts that night, breaking the record for most pts ever scored by a player in a basketball game at the garden. I saved the ticket and had it PSA graded & slabbed. I also find the ticket interesting because it was the Knicks' 24th home game printed on the ticket (K24), Kobe's initials and jersey #. I've also have the Daily News' coverage of this historical event, and an "Exquisite Collection" #/10 inscription card that I pulled, inscribed by Kobe and Lebron. Lebron played the Knicks at the Garden two days later scoring 52pts.
[Image: img003b.jpg]
[Image: KOBEDAILYNEWS001.jpg]
[Image: KOBEDAILYNEWS002.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe182_zpsyw38ux5x.jpg]

After the 61 points the 2008-09 NBA Champions, Kobe's first without Shaq. This is a Sports Illustrated BGS Uncirculated 6/22/09 magazine published when the Lakers won that championship. Sports Illustrated issued a limited number of this regional issue with the "NBA Champions Kobe's Moment" cover.

Kobe and the Lakers went on to win another championship 2009-10. Here is the SI BGS uncirculated magazine issued memorializing the event. I also pulled a very nice quadruple autographed card honoring the championship.
[Image: img20201520kobe184_zpswkmkjixb.jpg]
[Image: img20201520kobe185_zpsw20aldhw.jpg]

Some say he was the best after Michael
[Image: img20201520kobe180_zpspi750ova.jpg]

Who got next......
[Image: img20201520kobe156_zpsxv20azjw.jpg]
Great tribute. Was fun to read, thanks for sharing. I just wanted to clarify that while Kobe (61pts on 2/2/09) did break Bernard King's previous record (60pts on 12/25/84) for most points scored @ MSG IV he no longer holds that record. It was broken by Carmelo Anthony on 1/24/14 who scored 62pts. However, Wilt Chamberlain trumps them all as he scored 73pts (11/16/62) but that was @ MSG III, not at MSG IV - the modern MSG. Don't kill the Knicks fan, it's a hard time being one these days.
Great tribute and nice collection. I watched last night's game, and with his slow start I wasn't expecting him to finish with 60 and win the game the way he did. Definitely one of the best final games of a career I have ever seen.
He let them make cards without patches?