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Full Version: Sky High Ebay prices on "Hot" players
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I'm back in the game after a long absence. I bought Beckett Basketball to help figure out what I have and what's out there and to try not to get ripped off online.

I am in the market for among other things Draymond Green in his MSU Green and White. I have been staying in the shallow end of the pool recently but was a bit surprised when I went looking for some high end stuff.

I came across a few that are prices several hundred percent higher than Beckett's book value. Not just $20 or $30 but 300% or more. E.g. 2012-13 Exquisite Auto /199(Mod Edit: Please do not post BV in forums. Thanks.)

Is this mainly because Draymond plays for the Warriors who are on fire at the moment or are these sellers just really optimistic?

I suppose I expect the book value to go up if some of these cards actually sell. How far out of date are the Book Values?
To put it in perspective, base Topps Stephen Curry RCs have been going for $300+ online. No auto, no jersey, no serial number.
If I had to bet money(which is sort of what we are doing) I would bet on Steph's RC holding it's value more so than Draymond. I hope Draymond has a HOF career and I might consider paying high prices for his high end cards at some point. Betting on Curry makes more sense I think. He just seems like he has the skills to be a superstar for years to come. If Draymond gets dealt to a crappier team, his production may drop off and his prices may come down. I think it might be a bit early to shell out for this stuff at the moment though. It might be good idea to get the Curry stuff early but who knows?

But I wouldn't be surprised if some sellers were misrepresenting their stuff on Ebay especially with the Warriors about to break the '96 Bulls' record.
If I can't find any sold auctions of a card on eBay then I would look up the BV on Beckett and take that with a grain of salt. However, I couldn't tell you the last time I glanced at one.

It is unbelievable what Curry's Topps Base RCs are ending at. The Chrome has a uniqueness to me since Topps never released Topps Chrome as a standalone product in 2009-10. So, I get why the Curry Chrome RCs are going for what they are. But the Topps base amazes me.

It's funny his Panini Prestige RCs (the ones that do have him in a GSW uniform) aren't going for as much as his Topps are.
The Exquisite Green card sells on average between $90-132. I only checked sales beginning in March through current but if you made that seller an offer of $130-140, they would most likely jump on it. Once the Playoffs start and/or they break/tie the Bulls record, the prices will only go up.

I don't see Green's cards taking a drop anytime soon. Especially if they win another title. Curry is signed through 17-18 and Green just signed a five year $85M contract at the beginning of this season. Klay Thompson is signed through 18-19 season. I don't think you have to worry about them breaking up the team anytime soon. Curry will have a dumptruck of cash dropped on his lawn to keep him in GS and the other guys will want to continue winning.

If you want my opinion, I'd offer $140 for that card and hope he/she takes it. It is only going to go up over the next two years at minimum. Good luck with whatever you decide and let us know if you end up getting it. Looks like a sweet card.
TL;DR op is back in the hobby and realizes bv is worthless
To answer your question simply...when players get hot book value for their hot cards is pointless. The entire Warriors team is hot, though in terms of hot cards Curry is leading that charge. There are a lot of people speculating that the rest of the team will follow in terms of value jump, thus the reason people have high asking prices.
Just remember: Very few cards hold their values for very long. You might be able to get Curry RCs for half what they're going for now if you wait until summer when no one's playing and casual collectors forgot what team he's on.
Supply and demand. Are the Curry topps rookies rare and tough to find? I doubt they are that rate but with how Steph has played and how well the team has done there is a massive demand for his cards. I think Strph is an amazing player but I would bet money with in 2-5 years his lower end cards are half or less the current value. I have benn collecting since the 70's it's always the same pattern.
Try to Find any 2009-2010 Basketball Boxes for Sale from any of the Distributors or on A= =zon or the Bay. Good Luck Then who is paying these Prices for Boxes. I do not see a Demand for Older LeBron James 2003-2004 Boxes going up