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Full Version: Pick ups from the past two weeks
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Sorry for the bad photos scanner is out of commission at the moment

 photo 67e43234-99c6-4f2b-bee1-74db9b68a369_zpsj0zg2zxt.jpg
 photo 87e51bf9-662a-4276-9b3d-f5f94c84e08c_zpskd44pw7i.jpg
 photo 461cdf66-eec3-4985-abf0-d015a9546b8a_zpsytpgquym.jpg
 photo 51655495-9dea-4a59-a627-f69b5483f626_zpshpmyyuhb.jpg
 photo 07c2ccdb-6953-43af-aa0f-138c87a1677a_zpsgbkxvrul.jpg
 photo 68ca8bcf-1866-40b6-b6e5-468c71998c49_zpscjdvrk4z.jpg
 photo 5207fa28-c837-4456-a9a5-52c048ad201f_zpsolkt6rbp.jpg
 photo 7d379791-6cc7-47a8-b34e-435ccf83b643_zpsjesz7kba.jpg
 photo 8eee52fd-8dbe-4739-8cda-8db2a934350b_zpstnzl1i1q.jpg
 photo 6895f45b-537c-4497-9e3a-d7a489a05c91_zpsteop07sj.jpg
 photo effd86e2-6b9d-474e-a190-7033702a6dbb_zpsgog5a4gn.jpg
 photo 51261945-fd14-40b3-b1ed-6e43a4a1f506_zpslvu13qpn.jpg
 photo 3aa64f11-1c1c-4aee-8165-2fe084e7ec5f_zpsczhsqt8j.jpg
 photo ed42387c-9d32-4f3a-9a80-a3a49105143f_zpsbmfprxsg.jpg
 photo edb24cbb-88bd-41e3-8219-09813c81d14c_zpsllaebthq.jpg
 photo b4de3b5d-5033-439b-bcc1-c155a8829ade_zpsagbhuzpc.jpg
 photo 58578468-5bda-4543-be0c-ee42a6723c0d_zpsbaimgvsf.jpg

Thanks for looking
Solid adds! '99 SP Authentic has a solid checklist of autographs. What set/year is the Bills quad from? I'm always looking to add more multi-player Bears versions.
That was my first break with '99 SP Authentic. I like the fact that all the autos are on card and you get 12 of them per box. Those were the best autos I got from the break. Not the best, but could have been worse. The Bills quad was from 2007 Leaf Limited.
Great pick ups. I like the 99 Authentics, especially the Ray Lewis.
Real nice cards! Love the Brady's.
Love the Gold Medallion Brady! Still searching for that one for myself