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Full Version: Martinsville - Masters of the Clock
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Did anyone see this show on FS1 after the NSCS Qualifying coverage? It was really interesting. With that being the only track that I have personally been to, I was drawn in and watched it. Fascinating story about Martinsville Speedway and I did not know much about the history of the track, despite the fact that it is really close to me. Everything about this weekend continues to ramp me up to want to go to both races in October.
With a better financial situation for me now, I will definitely be at the Martinsville races in October! I might even spend some extra money for something special like Pit Passes. I will go to both races, even if I do it alone! I'm only an hour drive away, so I won't need to make any travel/overnight plans.
The plan is: Drive to Truck race and drive home afterwards. Drive to the Cup race the next day and drive home afterwards. The End! Wink

If anyone is interested, I have a sleeper-sofa and an inflatable queen-size mattress that aren't being used. Free hotel room! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin