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Full Version: Where do you guys go.......
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to sell cards? or What do you do?
Just wondering.
I have basketball and baseball sets from the 1990's that are complete that I don't have the room for in my house and I have moved on from collecting sets to just collecting singles. I know that there probably is not a high demand for these things but I wanted to ask and see what you do.
Thanks for your time and I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
You can try Craigslist but I think your best bet is probably ebay. That's where I sold a bunch of my childhood cards. There's also COMC (check out my but I think that's mostly singles.

good luck!
Thank you for your input it is appreciated!
altz is pretty much right. Most of the base from that era has minimal value, so you might be better off busting the sets to sell singles of MJ and better RCs and whatnot. good luck man!
Best way IMO would be the obvious... eBay. I've heard some going crazy for the whole "COMC" website, where you send them your cards, and for a fee they sell them for you. But eBay would get more traffic though.
Try the Bay. You'll get lots of viewers there, if nothing else.