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Full Version: Museum and Supreme 2014 two packs each
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Local hobby shop Vintage Stock was having a buy 1 get 1 free sale on 2014 and older packs. I stopped in after work and things were pretty pick over. There were two box/packs of 2014 Supreme and two packs of 2014 Museum left. I picked those up and here are the results. Nothing PC but fun to bust. All are in the ORG for trade.

Hits from Museum. Hyde quad /150, Garrapollo Patch Auto 49/50

[Image: 20160326_143816_zpskerf4mb5.jpg]

Hits from Supreme. Manziel Yellow Plate 1/1, Freeman Auto /125, Ebron Patch Auto /25

[Image: 20160326_143849_zpskqsbmvsr.jpg]

Best base from Supreme, Luck /162, Favre /144, Evans RC jersey numbered 013/162.

[Image: 20160326_143922_zpsc1ejbp80.jpg]