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Full Version: 10 packs of Mars Attacks Invasion & 1 box of Mars Attacks Heritage
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You won't believe it but the Martians actually abducted my sketch cards.

10 packs of Invasion:
Nothing interesting inside. Just the basic heritage parallels and the usual inserts. I was hoping for something nice as you get 1 auto and 1 sketch per box. Bad Luck.

1 box of heritage:
The Martians stole my hit!!! Instead of 1 sketch I got one extra Silver parallel (1 per box usually). One non-numbered parallel instead of one sketch, I made a deal here! Instead of 3 3D cards, I got 2 and an extra green parallel (1:3 packs). Whaouh!!!

So basically, I got screwed big time. I love the mars attacks series and I bought those packs to get more sketches. All I got were more parallels that don't raise any interest for me.

A huge deception.
Ouch sorry