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Full Version: Finally learned photobucket. Box breaks and a mailday. Scan Heavy.
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Ok, so I haven't been into collecting for awhile. Since before smart phones... it's been that long. So I bought a few boxes in 2010 and just recently had the money to start again (4 kids does that.) Any way these were out of a couple 2010 boxes from back in the day and the more recent Contenders (1 box), Crown Royale (2 boxes) and Topps Supreme (1 box).

[Image: 1458035541340.jpg]
[Image: 1458035555632.jpg]
[Image: 1458035400108.jpg]
[Image: 1458035405806.jpg]
[Image: 1458035547532.jpg]
[Image: 1458035534627.jpg]

Topps Supreme:
[Image: 1458035393856.jpg]

Mail Days and 2010 Stuff:
[Image: 1458035975914.jpg]
[Image: 1458035387792.jpg]
[Image: 1458035985914.jpg]
[Image: 1458035998192.jpg]

Crown Royale:
[Image: 1458035376545.jpg]
[Image: 1458035355278.jpg]
[Image: 1458035340162.jpg]
[Image: 1458035381757.jpg]
[Image: 1458035364014.jpg]
[Image: 1458035370272.jpg]
and....... my 1st 1/1!
[Image: 1458019145457.jpg]
Excellent Gordon 1/1 patch, congrats!
Those Gordon and Evans cards are INSANE!
Thanks guys. These are literally the best cards I've pulled myself.
Wow! Super nice stuff!