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Full Version: 2015 Triple Threads/Museum Online Break...not bad for $10! (this time) heh
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I think I crushed this break, just got the cards figured I would share:
[Image: Collecter%20Rev%20break%20Kevin%20White%...ts6p4o.jpg]
[Image: Collecter%20Rev%20break%20Kevin%20White%...j3vark.jpg]

Would you grade a 1/1 like this? Not sure if it's worth it or not. It looks pretty good from what I can see. I really think I would get at least a 9.5.
wow, congrats on the team break! The 1 color White alone made it worth it but nabbing a 1/1 is fantastic! You can try doing some research on BGS printing plates to see what kind of grades you'd expect to see. I imagine the surface and edges might take a hit if they were truly used in the manufacturing process.
Awesome bro, congrats
Are the "White Whales" considered being plates?
Great 10 bucks spent. Hopefully White will become a beast. Good luck.