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Full Version: Panini Black Gold Football
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Today I purchased five boxes from a sealed case of Panini Black Gold Footabll at my LCS B & B Cards and Collectibles in Virginia Beach. Total cost was $1100 and all I can say is I am utterly amazed at the lack of QUALITY CONTROL with the product. Not one or two cards had issues , but every single card was either scratched or had some sort of printing flaw! I expect better from a HIGH END Product ! I contacted the customer service line and waited 12 minutes only to be directed to leave a message!

Panini needs to recall this product and refund just like topps did last year with Tribute.
That sucks. I got a bad box of Prizim one time. every card was scratched or print defects.
Can you share some of your hits?
If only there was another manufacturer that could produce competing products to keep them honest on QC and customer service. Oh wait, the NFLPA says it's better this way.
I bought one box of Black Gold. Every card in the box was damaged. Scratched, glue residue, and one card had some sort of oily substance on it. I opened a ticket with panini. They responded saying they won't replace a whole box because Black Gold is a condition sensitive product.
(03-05-2016, 11:19 AM)anotherfallingstar1 Wrote: [ -> ]...because Black Gold is a condition sensitive product.
You would think that would be the reason to replace them? No?
That's why I stay away from that product. But that's no excuse for that poor of quality straight out of the box!