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Full Version: 2016 RFFG - Week 3 - STANDINGS
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(03-03-2016, 01:52 AM)spazmatastic Wrote: [ -> ]That's exactly why I haven't picked yet!!!

I have to see how the practices go before I can make a definite choice. I'm split b/t picking JJ and Harvick. I also think Edwards and the Busch brothers will do well there. It's a hard race to pick this year. I wanna see what the new downforce package creates at LV before I make a pick!
I agree 100%. Can I change my pick to Brad K please?

Despite Jimmie qualifying 11th, I'm still going to pick him this week. He had a bobble in the final round that cost him a lot of speed on that lap. He'll finish in the Top-5 on Sunday.
(03-06-2016, 09:51 AM)shelbysaleen Wrote: [ -> ]junior
I assume you mean Dale Earnhardt Jr.. Can't just say Jr. anymore with Truex and Stenhouse being Jr.s' too. Smile
thats right i forget about their jrs. lol yep dale jr
(03-06-2016, 02:21 PM)shelbysaleen Wrote: [ -> ]thats right i forget about their jrs. lol yep dale jr
Good thing I assumed right for you. Wouldn't have mattered too much though b/c all three finished within 5 spots of each other.

I'll get the new points standings posted sometime on Monday in the afternoon or evening. Everyone did REALLY well this week, EXCEPT the 2 that picked Kenseth (sorry Tom and Jerry). Everyone else finished 1st-11th!
I'll tell you, I feel bad for Kenseth...he was real good right until he lost it. They have had some bad luck this year so far, but, if I might...Karma is a real b!tc#, and I just think this is all payback for the Logano stuff last year...that's the last time I pick Kenseth until his penance is over...LOL
Here's where our drivers finished, followed by the new standings:

1st - Keselowski (+4)
2nd - Logano (+1)
3rd - Johnson (+2)
4th - Kyle Busch (+1)
7th - Harvick (+1)
8th - Dale Jr.
11th - Truex Jr.
37th - Kenseth (+1)

1. spaz - 110
2. kev - 104
3. mini - 101
4. dun - 87
5. rghy - 77
6. csc - 75
7. E7B - 72
8. ss - 71
9. kd80 - 70
10. lead - 69
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