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Full Version: One box of 15 strata & two 14 Certified boxes...
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Nothing special to report here was trying to hit a David Carr in the 14 Certified for my collection, failed miserably. Two bishop sankey auto patches out of two boxes, typical Panini results. One of the certified was a "hot" box, all base/rc's were red camo. Rashad Greene strikes me again in strata, the second I saw it I knew I just wasted 60 bucks. Love the look and feel of the strata stuff and I am looking for any Auto/Auto Patch stuff from this years strata, with special attention to shadowboxes!

[Image: Rashad%20Greene%20Strata_zps9bxdjdis.jpg]

[Image: Jay%20Ajayji%20Strata%20Auto_zpsd2blh4ry.jpg]

[Image: Bishop%20Sankey%20Freshman%20Fabric%20Au...8caht6.jpg]

[Image: Certified%20Potential%20Autos_zpsvnbymyqy.jpg]

[Image: Donte%20Moncrief%20Red_zpsx6jvtm8i.jpg]

[Image: Roddy%20White%20FOTG_zpsx4pnlmvd.jpg]

[Image: Aaron%20Murry%20and%20Dri%20Archer%20Jer...rim2ji.jpg]
like the Ajayi