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Full Version: Help with Jordan Card..Variation?
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I have seen a few of these "The Best" Jordan cards from the same 1999-01 series but could not find any that were a Holo numbered as this one is "11/50" Is this a rarer card or am I just not seeing the numbers on the other cards I was looking at? I'm more of a vintage card guy and when I start looking into the newer cards the different types of "inserts" or limited production cards amazes me...ha! Any and all information on this card will be greatly appreciated. Hopefully some good news..! I attached the photos to the post, its my first time posting so I hope it works.
Nice MJ

This is what you have:

By the way I'd be interested in the card if you're looking to sell or trade it.
ah...beat me to the punch...
I'd be interested as well...
Am I allowed to ask for opinions on the value? I honestly dont follow the modern era markets to much and the basketball card market even less...
Pretty rare card... I've never seen it. Looks nice.
Yes. It is rare. Jordan's always carry a premium, too.
Just wanted to say thanks for all the help!
(02-15-2016, 12:02 PM)petronm20 Wrote: [ -> ]Just wanted to say thanks for all the help!
You're welcome and welcome to the boards!