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Full Version: Motivated Trading!
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Good day, Beckett Community!

It seems that the number of traders is starting to climb again, and I am stoked to see this. It is my goal to get this place back into its former glory, so any help would be stellar. I have decided to dumb down a few PC ideas I had in favour of others. My goal is to complete sets of Upper Deck Series 1 and Series 2 from 2005-06 onward, and my starting point is a great one. 2007-08, 2013-14, 2014-15 are all done, and 2015-16 Series 1 is complete. I have a HEFTY start on 2005-06 YGs, but have no base. In fact... I have almost no base of any of the rest of the sets. Haha!

Most of the bigger YGs are already in my possession... save for the biggest. Haha! So to motivate you, here are some of my traders that I would gladly give up (on fair scale, as I won't trade a Bobby Orr Auto for 6-8 $15-25 YGs) to help my sets along. If you have bigger YGs available, then I might just be able to swing a deal for a second helping!

[Image: Traders_123%202_zpswndiylm3.jpg][Image: Traders_108%202_zpssicnmsqh.jpg][Image: Traders_100_zpsxw2caref.jpg][Image: Traders_105%202_zpso16ctykj.jpg][Image: Traders_55_zpsrbpdnaug.jpg][Image: Traders_46%202_zpshotvdp4s.jpg][Image: Scan_95_zpsntowggrd.jpg][Image: Scan_94_zpspxilct5g.jpg][Image: Scan_124_zpskopbvlxp.jpg][Image: Scan_118_zpsdfrdm7h5.jpg][Image: Scan_119_zpszluqygxk.jpg][Image: Scan_581_zpswm5wf1jr.jpg][Image: Scan_547_zpsysb0lxgk.jpg][URL=][Image: Scan_526_zpsbqbb0uil.jpg][Image: 24429092991_89179609f6.jpg][Image: 24403179292_1f4e9c97a5.jpg][Image: 24511476045_ebb37e2606.jpg][Image: 24215911560_93cddca778.jpg][Image: 24143704919_b3042ccf3d.jpg][Image: 23883280264_61a06399fc.jpg][Image: 23884232623_2d3d7dcdde.jpg][Image: 24429094021_0ed40d056f.jpg][Image: 23883279844_41482ed936.jpg][Image: 24610740766_22f143ae87.jpg][Image: 24429095711_cdc2dd585e.jpg][Image: 24143729589_565971c005.jpg][Image: 23883312644_6369079bfd.jpg][Image: 24215503300_422d54a8f4.jpg][Image: 24511060615_98c31152e9.jpg][Image: 23882870134_d395ddcd93.jpg][Image: 24428685041_4b7a566c4f.jpg][Image: 24484841176_67bc456e16.jpg][Image: 24484841216_2d6fa01cbf.jpg][Image: 24511036685_2dd1439c22.jpg][Image: 24402742212_07ced8c6b3.jpg][Image: 23884232903_007293516f.jpg][Image: 23882845304_8ddd6b431d.jpg][Image: 24402742422_63779bef47.jpg][Image: 23882845364_c64ac888d3.jpg][Image: 24484841906_6c302b64f3.jpg][Image: 24143271769_3646e42c5e.jpg][Image: 23981516143_8ef1fd370a.jpg]

This is a decent amount of the good stuff, but there is a LOT more in my Org. Send over trade offers and I am hopeful to get something worked out. As usual, Jaroslav Halak, Brendan Gallagher, Carey Price and Patrick Roy (Habs), and Vintage RCs are more than welcomed. Best wishes, Beckett Community!

PM coming your way
I've got a few 2012-13 YGs/base/canvas if you are interested?
I've got lots of base from most if not all years, would be happy to work a deal with you!
(01-29-2016, 07:53 AM)adrianlloyd Wrote: [ -> ]I've got a few 2012-13 YGs/base/canvas if you are interested?
The base would be welcomed, but I am not doing Canvas. Thanks. Let me know what you would like to do, but we would have to add other items to make sure that the postage is warranted.
(01-29-2016, 09:19 AM)mswatson Wrote: [ -> ]I've got lots of base from most if not all years, would be happy to work a deal with you!
Sweet! Let me know what you have and what you would like to do. I know that we can get a trade done quickly. Thanks, Mark!

Offer sent!
If you need 06-07 series 1 base pm me Randi!

I am looking to do the opposite. I will PM you. I could help your base and YG's. I am looking to do a HUGE DOWNSIZE.
I have base from all those years and some young guns, and would love to trade.
Offer sent
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