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Full Version: 2000 Showdown 1st Edition set w/update
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462 cards total value almost $500. Also have the Pennant Run update set of 150 cards. I don't think I can put the set price in by the rules, but its good.

Trade them for Football. Or sell. The only BB I'd be interested in are items in my sig or autos of the current Mets.
You CAN say what you want in trade value though
Depends on the trade offer. If someone had some of those Mets autos, it would be worth it. I put the sets together way back when, and they're just waiting to be traded. Figured most on the baseball side of the site would have the OPG to look it up.
I still have a good chunk of those sets from 2000-2002. Never completed either of the main sets, but just trade them away now.
Actually played the game a bit back when I had a store. (not with the cards in the set). Same with 1995 Red Zone football.