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Full Version: Grades Are In. PSA Submission. Many PSA 10 Pop 1 Michael Jordan & Lebron Autos & More
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Grades are in. Not BGS, but thought I would share anyway.

Assessment: I am very pleased with the cards that did get graded. I had concerns on 3 of the 4 that came back as 9s, so no love lost.

PSA 10s:

PSA 10 2013-14 UD Black Dual Signatures #B2JJ Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson Auto on card short print serialized 4/15. Pop 1.
[Image: kLjrcpFl.jpg]
[Image: I8WxUjml.jpg]
[Image: 7G72Ftdl.png]
PSA 10 2010-11 Ultimate Collection Signatures Dual #DJR Michael Jordan & Bill Russell Auto on card short print serialized 24/25. Love the bold blue autos. Pop 1.
[Image: Qtgxzigl.jpg]
[Image: EvkHvkgl.jpg]
[Image: zIfxSz9l.png]
PSA 10 2013-14 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Dual #S2HJ LeBron James & Anfernee Hardaway Auto. Whatever happened to Penny?
[Image: FlHfgmvl.jpg]
[Image: D09PzjWl.jpg]
[Image: 4nxp2qdl.png]
PSA 10 2008 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas Autographs #DJ Derek Jeter Auto on Card w/ jersey. Just stunning. Pop 1.
[Image: Wk2k5CBl.jpg]
[Image: TUb64xwl.jpg]
[Image: hI0ADhxl.png]
PSA 10 2007 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Team Marks #DJ Derek Jeter Auto short print serialized 29/60. Nice all around card.
[Image: o2SNDqXl.jpg]
[Image: HqSTcnZl.jpg]
[Image: uV9t9e4l.png]
PSA 10 2005 Reflections Dual Signatures Red #DJKG Derek Jeter & Khalil Greene Auto short print serialized 71/99. I am not sure who the hell Khalil Greene is, but the Jeter auto pops well with the red refactor-like background. Pop 1.
[Image: GGRCQHPl.jpg]
[Image: lw1nTUxl.jpg]
[Image: aOxTmncl.png]

PSA 9s:

PSA 9 2009 Upper Deck Goudey Autographs #GGDJ Derek Jeter Auto on Card. I think front side centering knocked this card down from a 10, but cannot tell for sure.
[Image: YwLHqhHl.jpg]
[Image: S27VIH4l.jpg]
[Image: Oip8MuVl.png]
PSA 9 2012-13 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Triple #JJE Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Julius Erving Auto. I think the lower left corner flaw made this a 9. Pop 1.
[Image: 7mkz15Kl.jpg]
[Image: b3xHP7kl.jpg]
[Image: IObuvBZl.png]
PSA 9 2013-14 Upper Deck UD Black Dual Signatures #B2MD Michael Jordan & Dennis Rodman Auto on card short print serialized 8/15. I think this one dropped due to top/bottom centering issues. Pop 1.
[Image: WQxoDuKl.jpg]
[Image: 7OyhyYAl.jpg]
[Image: knCb6FMl.png]
PSA 9 2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity Parallel #201 Aaron Rodgers Auto short print serialized 32/50. I thought this card was flawless…not sure what I missed here.
[Image: cmpH8Iyl.jpg]
[Image: wrI5BwWl.jpg]
[Image: KWzPickl.png]
Stunning grades
yeah, not half bad for modern!