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Full Version: Pittsburgh #87 Sidney Crosby
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Why is everyone worried that Pittsburgh superstar Sidney Crosby is passed his prime? That is is having a terrible season? As of this morning (January 8, 2016)
He had 31 points, only 7 points behind his friend, Evgeni Malkin.

Mr. Malkin is tenth in league scoring.

A half dozen good games points-wise, and he is back among the top ten.
Those comparisons to Wayne Gretzky early in his career were stupid.
There will never be other Gretzky. His statistics cannot be reached.
It is a different style NHL game today; more defensive. Scoring 20 goals
in today's NHL means that you are a good player. 30 or more goals, and you are
a great player. Last season, Jamie Benn of Dallas won the Art Ross Trophy
with only 87 points. Gretzky used to have that by the all-star break.

I still believe that Mr. Crosby will finish among the top 10. He's picking up steam.

Scott Boa
Ingersoll, ON
i don't think he is past his not a fan of his i just think he is having a bad season