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Full Version: November, 2012???
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I had a trade go bad on that date. Not sure what happened but I received a negative feedback today. At this point Im not upset just baffled. WTF! The other trader didn't even send a message. Can I do anything about it? Probably not. Should I chalk it up as a loss? I guess so. If you trade with Jody26tn be careful.
You just got hit NOW for a "bad deal" from over 2 YEARS ago?? Doesn't Beckett have a Statute of Limitations or anything??

One more reason I just come for the pretty pictures and articles....

LOL, I have a few trades still sitting in my list because I never received the cards so I refuse to mark them as received and leave feedback. The system is so flawed but it is still the easiest way for me to find the Roy cards I need so I keep using it.
That is quite the lofty hangover! Haha! I would say not to worry about it, and write a reply on the feedback explaining the situation (remember the short amount of room) and what happened. The feedback cannot be changed yet.