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Full Version: Should I come back?
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I used to trade here years ago, before the organize thingy; before my subscription lapsed etc. I have been here off and on over the years and noticed that there is far less activity on the forums.

I have been wanting to come back and make some trades. I have just been trying to weigh the highs and lows of subscribing again and the pain of using the

I know I will have to start at square one as far as trades and I am ok with that, I just want to know that there will be trading partners out there.

I don't have a ton of high end stuff, but some is interesting and I have a few older items I would move for the right trade. It may take me a bit to get things on here if I decide, seems like a bit of work and my collection is in a bit of a shambles as it Anyways I look forward to any feedback.

Look guys leave some
I would like to think we could make a few trades, what ever you decide welcome back.
I will take that as a plus and would look forward to some trades=)
I was looking to pm you blue frozen but that is ok, just wanted to know who you are looking for.
Was trying to pm you anyways was wondering what players you are looking for
Ryan Smyth as a player and upper deck series 1 and 2 from 1999-2015 also I pick a set that I don't have many cards from and try to trade to complete it, right now its collectors choice 1998-99.
I personally love this site, and am very happy with the established members. There is far less drama here than in a lot of other places, and those that can help out will. If you do get the Org. and want to make some trades, then I am all for checking out what you have. Best wishes!

I used to trade on this sight but stopped when Beckett changed up everything. Other sites make it so much easier to do a deal.

Truly sad as Beckett was the place to be, not anymore.
Is the price of admission equal to what you'll take home? That's a topic you see pop-up on all sections of Beckett's boards lately. The fact there's a question should help you with your answer, but you need to decide for yourself. Me? I'm already let one sport lapse, and I'll likely do the same with the others unless someone figures out how to make this place as affordable, easy to use, and worth my while as it was a few years ago.
Look me up when you're ready to trade, and welcome back!
I came to the board today wondering the same thing...should I come back?

I was not around very long but had a fun time trading on here. It looks like the same core group of people are on here (at least I know my trades would be good!) I just can't bring myself to pay so much money for a service that still sounds broken (Organize) or so much for the online price guide (which I would want to have before I trade).

Maybe I'll break down in a month or two and do it. But right after the holidays that $90 is pretty steep.