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Full Version: Box of 1995 Action Packed Winston Cup Preview
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I bought a hobby box for myself to open on Christmas Day while my nephew opened the hobby box of '95 Maxx Premier Plus that I bought him. That was his first hobby box and our first time opening boxes/packs together. Before today, it was always one opening while the other watched.

I was HOPING to pull a 24KT Gold parallel, but not expecting it. I didn't pull one. The actual goals with this box were to complete the set and pull multiples of my 4 drivers in the set (Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, Ricky Rudd, Dale Jarrett). Before today, I didn't think I had any cards from this release. I found out that I did have card #40 in my Martin collection. Luckily, I only pulled one more of it. Here is the set info:

SET = 78 cards
24KT Gold - 10 cards
Bill Elliott Tribute - 6 cards
Promos - 3 cards

Hobby box is 24 packs, 6 cards/pack = total 144 cards

Here is the breakdown of my box:

1 - complete set = cards 1-78
2 - Elliott Tribute insert SETS = cards 1-6 (extra set is available FT)
11 - Duplicate base cards for PC (2-MM, 4-JG, 3-RR, 2-DJ)
43 - Other base duplicates that are FT

I pulled no triples and am only 24 cards short of a second complete base set. I'm not going for that, so all "43 other base duplicates" are FT.

Overall, it was a really fun break. Lots of cards I'd never seen before, lots of memories recalled, and lots of drivers remembered that had slipped my mind. I'd do it again, if I got the box for the same price I paid for this one. I'd mostly be hoping for a Gold parallel next time though. Wink

Thanks for reading and PM me or reply here if you are looking for anything from this release!
Glad you were able to complete a set and got some PC cards. So far I have one of the Martin cards and two of the Gordon cards.

Not bad good luck on the set build