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Full Version: Black Diamond Team Logo Jumbos
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Are these manufactured logos or are they legit off a jersey?
I just saw one sold for 4.75 on ebay so i would have to assume they are manufactured logos and not off the actual players jersey?
I got a Max Pacioretty patch that I thought was really cool! Then I saw on eBay 2 of the exact same ones...
They are manufactured patches..
They are manufactured patches. Not only that, but since UD used the exact same patch pieces, and cut them exactly the same way, you will find multiple identical looking patches...
you would think that a company that's trying to get into the higher end market would at the very least cut them differently.

so, with that being said, can you do a complete patch at least for the team/player?
They are awful. Manufactured patches are OK in the case of O-Pee-Chee team logos, but they should be unique in style in a low end product, not fake uniform knockoffs in a $300/pack product, that's BS. If you're paying that much and getting a fake patch it has to be infuriating.
(12-25-2015, 05:02 PM)Optimus_Prime Wrote: [ -> ]can you do a complete patch at least for the team/player?
Great idea! That could make these worth looking for on the secondary market to put in the PC.
quick ebay search looks like they do have an entire logo able to be made for each player. I wonder what the print run on these things are