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Full Version: Secret Santa SHOW OFF!!!
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When everybody receives their Secret Santa present, feel free to post them here. Post and show off as you get them. No need to wait for everybody to get theirs.

Here is what I got.

I was was lucky enough to get a tin on 2015-16 Upper Deck. I hadn't purchased or opened anything yet of this set, so I was really stoked, since this is the only product I open every year. (I have every Upper Deck set plus Young Guns since 1990-91, minus a few of the update cards)

Since I only collect the base and the Young Guns, all the inserts, canvas, and jersey are for trade

Also got a 2013-14 Trilogy Crystal Greats Nicklas Lidstrom

Here are the goodies;

[Image: 2015-16%20Upper%20Deck%20Young%20Guns%20...bgllgf.png]

[Image: 2015-16%20Upper%20Deck%20Inserts_zpsx64jk6yp.png]
4 YG's in a tin!

That's great.

Nice break. I am interested in the Lidstrom card.
Great stuff jrp. I hope my gut enjoys his gift...I had to kind of go off script!
Looks great!
It's too bad more cards haven't showed up yet. We have two more mail days before Christmas so I hope they start to show. I would have thought the ones I sent out would have been received but nothing posted yet.
Still waiting on mine; nothing worse than running to the mailbox to only find bills!
(12-19-2015, 04:34 PM)swjrp10 Wrote: [ -> ]Great stuff jrp. I hope my gut enjoys his gift...I had to kind of go off script!
maybe that was your gift? lol j/k hope you get your cards
Alrighty, Santa hath delivered to my house, and left a big fat bubble mailer that wouldn't even fit through my mail slot! I only scanned a pair of the 29 cards that came my way, but they are the standout pair in a lot that went definitely above and beyond the call of duty! From base to inserts, rookies and parallels, and capped off with an autograph that I didn't already have, and a patch that completes a rainbow, this was a wonderful gift! Thanks Santa, you killed it!!!

[Image: 24ECF973-BC48-4B5D-A047-072B561E20BA_zpsiqshf3qk.jpg]

[Image: 4E774ADF-A66E-4DCF-8712-AA57B397F64A_zps3dt8lt6s.jpg]
I got something in the mail today, just verifying that it was from my Santa. I will post as soon as I know for sure.
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