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Full Version: 1996-97 Skybox Autographics Set Completed...Finally!
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Well guys I've accomplished one of my Hobby goals for 2015. I picked up the last 2 cards I needed to complete my 1996-97 Skybox Autographics Set. Just received the Stoudamire yesterday and the Black Ink McCloud is en Route. It was so hard tracking down these last 2 and I paid more than I'd hope to but it’s worth it.

Also last weekend I submitted a handful of the big names to JSA/BGS for Authentication/Grading. I'll submit another five once I have the first order back. Just looking to do this for the SP and SSPs.
Once I have all cards in hand I will take pics of the completed set all together and post them on this thread.

These are the last 5 cards I picked up in most recent order.

George McCloud Black Ink
No disrespect to Mr McCloud but who would've thought his card would be the last piece needed for this Prestigious Set. My pockets are pretty empty now as I had to pay a hefty price for this.
So tough finding the black ink. I actually found the Blue Ink early on in my set chase and I like that one because he added his Number below his auto.
[Image: Autographics%201_zpsihudqfkl.jpg]

Damon Stoudamire SSP Enough said
[Image: Autographics%20Damon%20Stoudamire_zpsqmoy9qf4.jpg]

Scottie Pippen Blue Ink
Probably my favorite card in the set.
[Image: Scan_zps3wasoyrc.jpg]

Hakeem Olajuwan Blue Ink
This one was also a challenge to pick up and I actually had to buy it in a lot as the seller was not looking to sell individuals. Now I have doubles that I'll need to move
[Image: Scan127_zps466b5a14.jpg]

Juwan Howard SP
This one doesn't surface very often.
[Image: Scan126_zps4f67f0d6.jpg]
saw this on blowout. Such an awesome accomplishment! I am supremely jealous. Hope you enjoy it for a long time my friend!
(12-12-2015, 07:57 PM)buckunteer Wrote: [ -> ]saw this on blowout. Such an awesome accomplishment! I am supremely jealous. Hope you enjoy it for a long time my friend!
Thanks buckunteer I will definitely enjoy the set. I've been working on it since it was first released but didn't start chasing aggressively until a few years ago. First card I got was the Tim Hardaway which I pulled from a pack of E-X2000 if I remember correctly.

Now the plan is to Authenticate/Grade the big names and upgrade any faded autos. I'm also looking to add any players that had variations or inscriptions in their autograph. For example Mark Jackson who added "God Bless" on some of his.
I don't collect autos but I have always liked the early autographics sets. Love the background colors, the pictures of the players and their autos look sweet vertical!
Post the pics when you get them slabbed.
Awesome! Congratulations!
The cards I submitted to JSA/BGS are now at BGS being graded/slabbed.
I will have the final results Jan 6 and have the cards in hand about a week after that.
Can't wait!
Nice, nice set. Congratulations!
Looking forward to the full set pictures
Today is the day I get the results on the 5 cards I sent to JSA/BGS and the anticipation is just killing me with only a few hours to go. I keep checking the grading orders page every 15 minutes even though I know from experience the update will most likely happen around 4:00 PM PST. lol
These Finally arrived.
I'm glad Autographs got authenticated and cards are better protected but am not too happy with the Low grades. Other than the Garnett I though all would get no worse than 8.5 being that this set is condition sensitive.

[Image: Scan3_zpsyjv0rx6v.jpg]

[Image: Scan1_zpsbkr5umoy.jpg]

[Image: Scan4_zpswyzmw2eu.jpg]

[Image: Scan6_zpsrnxs1hzk.jpg]

[Image: Scan8_zpsdagdjzu1.jpg]
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