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Full Version: 2015 Topps Chrome team case break, crushed it!
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Did a case break of 2015 Topps Chrome and got the Bears and Cardinals and wound up with 4 autos, very lucky! Also a great product for all you Bears fans out there. 5 rookies and 3 solid veterans in the checklist.

Carson Palmer 6x base, 1x refractor
Larry Fitzgerald 5x base, 1x refractor, 1x blue refractor
Patrick Peterson 6x base, 1x refractor, 1x gold refractor 14/50
David Johnson RC 2x base, 1x 1989 Topps

Jay Cutler 4x base, 1x green refractor
Matt Forte 5x base, 1x pulsar refractor
Alshon Jeffery 6x base, 1x camo refractor 135/499, 1x 1987 Topps
Kevin White 2x base, 1x green refractor, 1x 1989 Topps
Jeremy Langford 3x base, 1x green refractor, 1x 1976 Topps, 1x 1989 Topps
Eddie Goldman 2x base
Shane Carden 2x base, 1x pulsar refractor
Levi Norwood 3x base

3 Langfords!!! Wound up with two base Langfords and traded one for a Prizm.

All the Cardinals are for trade, Bears dupes also available. Thanks for looking.
Not bad at all, congrats!