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Full Version: 1 Box Prizm Hobby
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Probably last box for a while now...been on a binge lately and it's been fun! Smile

I feel this box was a nice farewell.

The Dorsett is a variation
I didn't even know there were variations..Found that it looked different when sorting.

[Image: Scan%2044_zps9dgeurqj.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%2046_zpstqglhwei.jpeg]

The two Blue Waves are /150

[Image: Scan%2045_zpscb7pd7im.jpeg]

Todd Gurley Helmet
Amari Cooper Red /99
Kenny Bell Red Auto /299
Josh Shaw Green Cracked Ice /75
Melvin Gordon Green Cracked Ice Auto /75

[Image: Scan%2047_zpspnzqgr5z.jpeg]

Thanks for the look!
very nice hit on the Cooper and Gordon!
Very nice!
Thanks guys!