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Full Version: 2011 Press Pass Legends...Nice Tag!
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I was very pleased with this box between the Cam, Green and Von. I cannot find the Von Miller in the system; the only one I can find is a red sig, so I would appreciate any help with that. Everything is listed and is for trade but I think I am going to sell the Green. Thanks for the look

[Image: 2011%20PP%20legends_0004_zpsuuu6u7qu.jpg]

[Image: 2011%20PP%20legends_0001_zps2rptcz7i.jpg]
Nice! A lot of times you get these older boxes and think "well that would have been a great box back then" but this one is pretty good even now.
Sweet Hampton!!
If you change your mind and wanna trade the Green, I'd love a shot! Will go in your favor! Let me know, thanks!
I love ripping older stuff Especially 2014 football! That rookie Class is killing it and still loaded!
Nice Blue