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Full Version: Throwback Box Break! Hunt For Reggie Bush!!
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Figured since I've never hit one before I'd try my luck now days that the boxes aren't so expensive! Big Grin

2006 Ultra (Retail)
[Image: Scan%205_zpssidtigrd.jpg] [Image: Scan%204_zpssjfy6feu.jpg]

2006 Contenders

[Image: Scan%203_zps83tojqma.jpg] [Image: Scan_zpsdz1iexjb.jpg]
[Image: Scan%201_zpsax6nrqbz.jpg] [Image: Scan%202_zps4uuuvzf8.jpg]

2006 Rookies & Stars ( I think I got shorted :madSmile

2006 Leaf Rookies and Stars #256 Maurice Drew JSY RC/799
[Image: Scan%207_zpsqv679tuz.jpg]

2006 Leaf Rookies and Stars Statistical Standouts Materials Prime #17 Shaun Alexander/25
[Image: Scan%208_zpsezr6vtwx.jpg]

2006 Leaf Rookies and Stars Elements Materials #14 Peyton Manning/250
[Image: Scan%206_zpsctq6uyfr.jpg]

Just terrible..... Sad
All are available...... Smile!
Interested in the manning
(11-05-2015, 08:02 PM)akaus Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in the manning
PM heading your way!
Nice Manning