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Full Version: 2015-16 Folk's Cards - H. Barnes TTM and more..
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I'm back at it. First of all a TTM that took about a year to come back. Last year summer Harrison Barnes opened a PO Box for fans to submit items for signature. I sent my card close to the deadline and after a few weeks of not hearing back I supposed it had gone missing. Then a few weeks ago all of a sudden I got it back! Great surprise, great auto!
[Image: v3hbarness.jpg][Image: maildaybarnes.jpg]

Now on to my new season's set of cards. Here's a bunch I got in person following the last few Spanish league games:

[Image: v4jhamiltons.jpg][Image: v4jshurnas.jpg][Image: v4lsikmas.jpg]
[Image: v4rsatos.jpg][Image: v4jstefanssons.jpg][Image: v4dwhites.jpg]
[Image: v4gsutons.jpg][Image: v4amiralless.jpg][Image: v4bpauls.jpg]
[Image: v4hnorels.jpg]

This last one is a special card of the Dutch national team:
[Image: nl_hnorels.jpg]

Then my friend went on a trip to Serbia and Turkey to see some games and she picked up these autos for me:
[Image: v4pantics.jpg][Image: v4gdatomes.jpg][Image: vfceyengas.jpg]
[Image: v4eudohs.jpg][Image: v3jalexanders.jpg][Image: v4jveselys.jpg]
[Image: v4lharangodys.jpg][Image: v4sschortsanitiss.jpg][Image: v4bbogdanovics.jpg][Image: v4mhayness.jpg][Image: v4serdens.jpg][Image: v4mslaughters.jpg][Image: v4rthompsons.jpg][Image: v4bpetways.jpg][Image: v4jgordons.jpg][Image: v4jvarnados.jpg]

And this one is for the Four-Way Folk's cards that will include 4 pieces of GU - looking forward to assembling the third one of this set Smile
[Image: v1gu_eudohs.jpg]

Pretty awesome start to the new basketball year if you ask me! Well done Folk Smile
Very nice!