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Full Version: Where to sell a quality large card collection?
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Hey guys,

I have a rather large collection of Basketball cards from 1992-1996 that I now want to move on, I have added them all to "organize" and they total over $USD2500. They have been stored well and have been very well looked after.

My question is besides eBay where would be the right place to list my collection for sale? Privately? Dealer?

I want to sell it as a lot as I don't have time to list them individually.

Thanks in advance.
I will buy it if priced right so I can flip the larger cards over time and make some $$$ back. I recently bought one and I paid 300 delivered, the BV came out to just under $3000, but same kind of collection with many low common/inserts and a several low end inserts with BV between $3-10. Looks as if your best card is BV $50 and then just a few around 20-25.