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Full Version: The Checklist Thread
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Anybody else enjoy collecting checklist cards? I do! I miss the good ole days of the checklist cards being inserted into packs Smile

I will upload pictures of my collection from time to time as I take pictures... Meanwhile, check out this Checklist that sold at auction for OVER $4,000.00!!!

Your thoughts?

Please feel free to show pics of your checklists! Let's not forget about these hidden gems. Once I take my babies out and take some pics, I will share them on here.

Thanks for looking.

I'll get things started with my 1996-97 Topps Chrome #111

[Image: 10ws4ns.jpg][Image: rseg3r.jpg]

I absolutely LOVE this Checklist, and one of my favorite sets of all time!!! It was such a great time in the hobby back then when these came out and then blew up... What I wouldn't do to go back in time with $1,000 Big Grin

I look forward in seeing everyones Checklist cards.