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Full Version: 2015 Topps Heritage Football Target Packs x3
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Cool little packs wish I hit better autos but still a fun break, Ill post pictures in a minute but here are the autos and the refractor cards

Justin Hardy Falcons
Cameron Artis-Payne Panthers
Clive Wilford Raiders

[Image: 20151007_162242_zps3gd4ba26.jpg]

[Image: 20151007_162709_zpsyps9d22o.jpg]

[Image: 20151007_163012_zpsttogzj4t.jpg]

Dante Fowler Jr.
Dominique Brown
Kenny Bell

[Image: 20151007_163201_zpsb5j7sdnu.jpg]
Base Regulars of note

Peyton Manning
Andrew Luck
Aaron Rodgers

Kevin White
Brett Hundley
Phillip Dorsett
Jesse James
14 More rookies

Steve Young
Terry Bradshaw
Deion Sanders
[Image: 20151007_163851_zpshx0sgc0h.jpg]
You actually get 1 auto per pack.

Nice packs, op!
Yeah Onyx is right, it is a guaranteed 1 auto per pack... So, at 24.99 I figured only $5 more than your standard blaster with a guaranteed auto so more enjoyable IMO
Cool...hit me up if interested in moving that Hardy
Thanks for the post OP. I pulled the Red 1/1 Levi Norwood AUTO yesterday from one of these. The other 7 AUTOS I got were weak!
Yeah, I've busted 3 ... autos were Eric Kendricks, Dominique Brown (saw the Bucs logo and was hoping for Jameis) and Josh Robinson.

Had it not been for base Mariota and Cooper RCs, these would have been truly crap-tacular at $25 each.

In fact, I can't find a Winston Heritage auto on the bay, current or completed listings, so I'm guessing the spares are in much higher production levels.
The more I think about these they would be better at around 19.99 a box. Although they do have some sweet HOF autos in them, just haven't seen any yet :-) And RWGREEN sorry for the delayed response I already moved the Hardy
I got one pack of those the other day, and I got one of those Clive Wilford autos... Must be pretty common.
(10-21-2015, 10:05 AM)bojesphob Wrote: [ -> ]I got one pack of those the other day, and I got one of those Clive Wilford autos... Must be pretty common.
There are a few guys that i keep hearing popping up, this one and Tyler Kroft TE Bengals is another oneā€¦
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