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Full Version: Card Show Pickups
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Attended the card show at the County Center in White Plains, NY yesterday. I picked up a couple of Kenny Washington 1954 Leaf RC's. SCG was setup for on site grading. Never used them before, but for convenience, gave them a try. I'm very pleased with the presentation.

Front & Reverse
[Image: 10-4-15%20card%20show%20graded%20kenny%2...q6wt0u.jpg]
[Image: 10-4-15%20card%20show%20kenny%20washingt...mcwpub.jpg]

Front & Reverse
[Image: 10-4-15%20card%20show%20%20graded%20kenn...jajbsl.jpg]
[Image: 10-4-15%20card%20show%20kenny%20washingt...ul9w2y.jpg]
They're not in bad shape.
Good to know ,never used them either.