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Full Version: 2014 Playbook and Crown Royale breaks
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Got a box of Royale for $50 and a box of Playbook also for $50. Results below-

2014 Crown Royale Hits

-Matthews/Archer Rookie Dual Silhouettes Jersey 4/99
-Quincy Enunwa auto 156/299
- 150 Panini Reward Points
- De'Anthony Thomas Rookie Royalty Jersey284/499

2014 Playbook Hits
- Dri Archer Jersey 79/99
- David Carr Booklet 149/299 jersey auto

[Image: 04300c2d72c06e59df395d2336dbf31c_zpsiszwnres.jpg]
Very nice Carr! Congrats! FT?
Sweet Derek Carr man !
Demondukk- Thanks! Will hold on to Carr for now

Vicktory717- Thanks!

Maizenblue73175- Thanks!
Nice Carr
interested in the De'Anthony Thomas Jersey
Trading the Carr..??