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Full Version: Brian's Weekly Bid Board - Ends 10/6/15 9PM CST
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My LCS does a weekly bid board for cards and I thought maybe I could do something similar here. The concept is basically I post some cards and people bid on them until the deadline. There is a minimum opening bid and the highest bidder at the deadline wins. I will start a new bid board every Wednesday and end it on the following Tuesday. Last Bid accepted will be at 9 PM Central Time.

Opening Bid is $2 and $.50 increment from there. You can open with any bid amount you want as long as it is $2 or more. Shipping is just $2 if you win 1 lot or if you win them all. I will post the winners after the deadline. Payments by PayPal in a timely manner please.

To place a bid just add a new post with the Lot # and your bid amount. If you get outbid do not edit your post. Post again with your new bid. You do not need a separate post for each Lot you bid on. Put all of your bids in 1 post. I will update next to each lot the current bid once a day. This will cut down on searching through posts I hope.

If you have a question PM me so the post doesn't fill up with questions and only bids.

We'll see how it works. If there is no interest I will stop doing it.


Here is this weeks Bid board.

Lot 1
[Image: IMG_5188_zpshpxabp2w.jpg]

Lot 2
[Image: IMG_5196_zpssupeqndo.jpg]

Lot 3 Rookie Card
[Image: IMG_5194_zpsqa9g9etl.jpg]

Lot 4 Rookie Card
[Image: IMG_5193_zpseftkqkoi.jpg]

Lot 5 Rookie Card
[Image: IMG_5195_zps5nw3djuo.jpg]

Lot 6 Rookie Card
[Image: IMG_5192_zpsq6u0q8g9.jpg]
Lot 7
[Image: IMG_5191_zps8pdkweke.jpg]

Lot 8
[Image: IMG_5190_zpszqkscby1.jpg]

Lot 9
[Image: IMG_5187_zpswjemw48h.jpg]

Lot 10
[Image: IMG_5186_zpsengznwcr.jpg]

Lot 11 Rookie Card
[Image: IMG_5189_zpsgx5dirv4.jpg]

Lot 12 Rookie Auto
[Image: IMG_5200_zpsujbtqkub.jpg]

Lot 13 Rookie Auto
[Image: IMG_5198_zpsmid5dvgk.jpg]

Lot 14 Rookie Auto
[Image: IMG_5197_zpstbupvdnj.jpg]

Just a reminder. Bidding ends tonight at 9 PM Central time.
Ok, so not even 1 bid for these cards. Not sure why, so any feedback would be appreciated.
Dont think this is what these boards were set up for. Not a good setup through their forum unless you add each "lot" as a different post and we can reply to that lot with a higher bid? Just think this is better for a different site