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Full Version: Ibox 2014 Certified and 1 box Totally Certified - Big Mack Attack
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I stopped off at the store yesterday to see what upcoming promotions they were doing, and saw how last years Certified was half the price of this years, and gave it a go.

Not too bad for less than $40 -

[Image: IMG_0004_zpsce0sl9sy.jpg]

And I was pretty happy with this beauty out of the first pack:

[Image: IMG_0005_zpsmoccaasn.jpg]

So feeling good off this break, I had the guy pick me out a box of Totally Certified (which is also crazy cheap now) and...well.... it was nice while it lasted:

[Image: IMG_0003_zpsf5qyptum.jpg]

I like Lee, but really? 2 copies of the same card, albeit different versions..

I do really like the Carr /50!!

Nothing available, just sharing my fun!
Very Nice hits, I pulled a Khalil Mack Patch auto out of 2014 Rookies and Stars Longevity out of /25, He's a real beast.