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Full Version: 2014 platinum and chrome
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Went to the store and grabbed a hobby box of 2014 platinum and a blaster of 2014 Topps Chrome. I am trying to finish both sets and always hope to get some fun hits.

Chrome was awful. Not only did I have all of the base, but every insert was a double except for a Green Patrick Willis and a pink Janis #/399. Even my Rookie relic was a double (Teddy B.)

Platinum was better but only cause it was a hobby box. 2 autos and an auto patch. Autos were nothing to write home about - Denard (sticker) and Andre Williams on card. Got a Pink Ribbon Watt which was the first ribbon card I pulled. 2nd to last pack I finally pull the Auto/Patch card. Jimmy Garapolo 4 color patch auto. Blue, red, silver and white number. It is probably the best patch on a card I have ever pulled.

Would be willing to trade any. SHoot me a PM if you want any of the hits.