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Full Version: registry app?
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has anyone heard if beckett will be adding the registry to their app list?
(09-23-2015, 01:07 PM)lane2800 Wrote: [ -> ]has anyone heard if beckett will be adding the registry to their app list?
I haven't heard, but I would assume they would fix the registry first before adding anything else.
(09-23-2015, 01:07 PM)lane2800 Wrote: [ -> ]has anyone heard if beckett will be adding the registry to their app list?
If ONLY! Ive been buggin for this for a couple years now...really the only problems I see with the online version now are the cards coming up not in numerical order when doing set searches, but Ive just been searching for the exact card by number or player name instead. Im fine with the way the registry and the population count are right now and would REALLY APPRECIATE THE EASE OF HAVING AN APP!!!!!
Well if anyone is interested, there is a GREAT APP called MIRACARD that you can scan the face of a lot of your cards and they have a huge database of front and back high quality pictures of your cards that will recognize with AMAZING accuracy what card you took a picture of right from your phone! If its a card thats not in the database you can take your OWN pictures and add they will touch them up and add them to the database. Cool tool for the picture taking that lets you tap on the corners of the card and it zooms in so you can precisely line up the edges and corners of the picture. Then to top it off you can add gradings of ALL of the major card grading companies out there. And to top THAT off you can add comments about the card and include the subgrades in those comments with whatever other info you want limit on length of comment, or at least I havent reached it in any of mine. I like to put info about the player and comments on why the card is special to me. Im Cardariffic on there as well, you can also follow and favorite cards and collections!! Follow me and Ill follow you back! Its fun to look at others collections with the nice big and bold pictures! The only down sides so far are theres no rankings with the players or sets. Also there is no subgrade tool in the grading score. Hopefully they will add this later. Come on over folks, these guys may leave Beckett in the dust when it comes to registries. To be able to have all of your graded cards no matter the company on ONE APP is pretty tough to beat!! Oh yeah! I almost forgot onr of the most important parts! You can also buy and sell with easy Paypal integration!! Wow, I just realized this APP is made by Beckett!! What the heck is going on???? Why are they not pimping this APP??
Oh man, its an APP. Darn, I can't use it, then.
It looks like it is for Iphone only?
(11-08-2015, 03:03 PM)crossada Wrote: [ -> ]It looks like it is for Iphone only?
Well, I don't have an android, iphone, ipad, ipod, any kind of an idevice or a laptop. I just have my desktop.
Looks like it, yeah, iphone only unfortunately. Im thinking Beckett just recently purchased the company or something because it would seem that I would have noticed that before. Im thinking they are going to revamp it and make it Beckett and release it for android as well. I just hope they dont take away the ability to insert grades from all card companies and make it Beckett only graded cards. If Beckett has owned this all
along I really dont understand what the heck is wrong with this company.