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Full Version: Working on a 2014 5 Star Book Tracker project
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So I recently decided to start up a project I've been thinking about doing for a while now. I'm looking for any book cards from 2014 Press Pass 5 Star that have been pulled. I have gone through a lot of videos from breaks on YouTube, and started to look at eBay to see what has been pulled there. Any help is appreciated and if you have photos of the card, that would be great. I'll be working on creating a blog site that will have the current list posted of what has been hit and what COULD be out there still. Thanks!


PS, I'm also keeping track of the cut autos that have been pulled as well
You'll find many of them over on NUTS. I'm sure there are some in the Jimmie Johnson thread by garyg21. Also check with filpakflyr. I'm sure he has some or had some. Check the card of the month threads too. Many have been posted in those since the release.