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Full Version: Spectra Group Break
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Got into Bighurt35 Bryan half case break of Spectra ended up with the Titans at a 50/50 random drawing and bought the Chargers at full price ended up doing really well with in it been awhile since I hit that well in a break should be able to make a nice little profit from these! I actually won the dual Abdullah/Gordon on a dice roll with the other owner of the Lions half so I got lucky honestly on that one! Just wanted to share my good fortune appreciate the look!

Heres the 2 Big Ones
Melvin Gordon/Ameer Abdullah Dual 4 Color Patch Auto Blue #15/15
Marcus Mariota RC Jersey Auto #40/49
[Image: IMG_2ltflz_zpspjodoez6.jpg]

Brandon Oliver #/25, Drew Brees Blue #/49, Doug Flutie #/99
[Image: IMAG0508_1_zpshwlzewi2.jpg]

More Titans stuff ( David Cobb 3 Color RPA, Justin Hunter Auto, Quad and other goodies)
[Image: IMG_-mha12n_zpslsu5eaf7.jpg]
That would have been a good haul on a full case break. Titans crushed it! Congrats!
That Mariota....oh my god